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Learning Experience 1 - St Peter's Poets

St Peter’s Poets
In September 2015, we decided to change the way we delivered our curriculum.  Working with Nick Hind, we made the decision to plan our curriculum based on experiences and outcomes.  At St Peter’s we recognise that we need to develop our children’s communication and Language skills, give our children a range of experiences, develop their independence and design a curriculum that is engaging for all pupils, particularly our boys.

Our curriculum reflects the National Curriculum Programme of Study, but through planned experiences lasting 2 – 4 weeks each.  We also may plan mini experiences that may only last a day or two!  Each experience will be driven by one main curriculum area, but will address other curriculum areas too.

Each class page has an overview of the Experience Based Learning Units and we will be constantly adding to the long term planning overview as it is developed.

Our first learning experience was a whole school learning experience which we called ‘St Peter’s Poets’.  We started with the experience element, where children had the opportunity to watch three very different performance poets.  The children then visited The Quarterhouse, where they were invited to perform their very own poem on stage.  The children spent several weeks writing their own poems for the performance; however they were also involved in making decisions about costumes and lighting and making props.  The outcome of the learning experience was that EVERY child performed on the stage at The Quarterhouse on Wednesday 14th October.  Feedback from the children, staff and parents has been extremely positive and there was definitely evidence of rich language and vocabulary! 

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