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In this section you will find a celebration of our sporting successes and sports activities that our children have been involved in! Mrs Mauger is our Physical Education Subject Leader and is responsible for arranging the school's sports activities.



The pupils in Years 1-6 will be taking part in a speed stacking interhouse competition week beginning 10th January 2022. All year groups will be given different combinations to stack and unstack in the fastest time, scoring points for their house. 


Week beginning 24th January 2022 the whole school will take part in interhouse Cross country. The younger years will run as a house relay taking it in turns to collect points for their houses. Years 3-6 will be expected to compete individually completing the mile route. 


Basketball will take please week beginning 28th February for years 3-6 during PE lessons. The houses will play a round robin tournament to collect points for their house.  


Year 1-4 will compete in a gymnastics showcase. Teachers will mark routines for creativity and style during the week beginning 28th march. This will give pupils the chance to demonstrate their ability to create routines. 



All pupils at St Peter’s participated in 'one run' on the 15th October 2021. The pupils took part in this Global event to show we value and appreciate the importance of fitness and health. The pupils added their own fun spin on the run by stopping each corner of the playground to play ‘rock, paper, scissors’ against their peers. They remained positive and motivated throughout and really enjoyed the event. Leading lap runners were congratulated throughout the school years and a special mention to the staff that came out to run and encourage the pupils on as well. We look forward to taking art again next year. 


As part of the Shepway Sports Trust initiative, Santa dash was planned for the 10th December this term. After the success of the ‘one run’ event, pupils were excited to get another chance to ‘run with others’. The event saw each of the classes head out with their class teachers, fully dressed in their Christmas jumpers and embrace a few more laps jogging around the playground. All pupils throughout the year groups participated and some got their teachers to jog along as pace setters. Well done on another active and successful event. 

Due to Covid, the Pentathlon was a virtual event this year. Keen to put our skills up against the other local Primary schools we entered teams for Year 3, 4, 5 and 6. The pupils took part in a 10m shuttle run, a chest throw, speed bounce, standing long jump and a vertical jump to collect points for their individual and team scores. We had some fantastic scores an placed 5th in the district, well done. Individual medal winners for the Sports trust values shown whilst competing went to: 


Charlie and Michaela from Seahorses. 


Rosie and Alex in Sharks. 

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