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A Thank You Poem written by Angel Couperthwaite

Angel and her Brother Toby have been thinking about acts of kindness, particularly as it is Lent.  They decided that they would like to visit the Police station to show their gratitude for all that the police do.  Toby took a box of biscuits and Angel wrote this amazing poem.

Thank You

By Angel Couperthwaite.


Thank you for everything you have done

and everything you do,

you help other people all the time-

the girls and boys in blue.

You are a hero to us children,

in you we have great faith.

You don’t need any super powers

to keep us all so safe.

You meet lots of different people

and some very bad ones too,

but the bad ones are in prison now

and that’s all thanks to you.

I can imagine it’s not easy

to do it every day,

you proudly wear your uniform

with not nearly enough pay.

You put yourselves in danger for us,

Something we can’t forget.

We don’t say thank you nearly enough

and that’s something we regret.

Thank You!